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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why we do this

When I sit down to write I want to remember this: that it is fun. That writing is a joy. That the act of writing is the fun part. The outcome matters, sure it does. But it's the writing, that's the thing.

This blog post by writer Cheryl Ossola was a lovely reminder of that. She writes that we all need a sense of wonder to fuel the creative drive.

"If a sense of wonder is requisite to creativity, we need only make the choice to find it. The real work comes in clearing away the clutter, the self-doubt, the excellent arguments we all can make for staying our course, the negativity."

Please go read the post and be sure to click on the links within. They are excellent.

Isn't it something how the little nudge, the encouragement, just the little thing that feels like a present arrives when you need it? Love that.

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  1. Besides, isn't it true that if you're not having fun writing it, they're not going to have fun reading it?

    (Nathan Bransford posted that quote on Twitter a few minutes ago.)